Before Your Appointment

– Don’t wear any eye makeup
– Don’t curl your lashes
– Do arrive with 100% cleansed eyelashes
– Do arrive 5-10 minutes early for consultation

After Your Appointment

– Don’t get your lashes wet for the first
24 hours
– Don’t apply mascara or false (strip) eyelashes
onto your extensions – you will ruin them!
– Don’t rub your eyes
– Don’t use any oily or oil-based products
around your eyes
– Don’t wear heavy eye makeup on a daily basis
– Don’t use mascara, cream shadows, and
gel/pencil liners
– Do clean extensions from dirt, grime and
makeup residue with foaming cleanser
– Do use oil free makeup remover (we love our
gentle foaming cleanser!)
– Do brush extensions daily with the provided
spoolie (mascara wand)
– Do use a felt tip liner or powder shadow if
you need to
– Do schedule fills every 2-3 weeks for timely
touch-ups to keep lashes looking fresh
– Do try and sleep on your back


What are lash extensions and how are they applied?

For our classic lash sets, an individual strand of synthetic lash is meticulously placed onto one natural lash. For our volume lash sets, multiple, finer synthetic lashes are placed onto one natural lash. We do not use any pre-made cluster lashes for volume; we are trained in the true Russian volume technique and create bespoke lash fans on the spot throughout the service.

Do you use real mink extensions?

Willow Lash Labs is proud to be animal cruelty free! In addition to ethical issues, we do not use real mink because of quality and sanitation concerns. All lashes used at Willow Lash Labs are high-grade faux mink or synthetic silk.

Are lash extensions damaging and will they make my lashes fall out?

Lash extensions will not hurt nor damage your own natural lashes WHEN it is done properly. This is why researching your technician’s training background and experience is paramount. Your natural lashes also shed just like human hair; in fact, we shed about 2-5 natural lashes a day. Your extensions will not cause your natural lashes to come out, but when your natural lash has reached the end of its cycle, the extension will come off with your natural lash.

Can I get lash extensions if I wear glasses?

Of course! Whether you wear glasses or contacts, eyelash extensions are completely safe. If you wear glasses, just simply let our technicians know so we can tailor the length according to your eye shape and glasses.

How do I take care of them?

Please refer to our “Aftercare” instructions above!

Can I get lash extensions if I’m Pregnant?

Absolutely, we love pampering mom’s to be! Lash extensions are applied 2mm away from the base of your natural lashes, so nothing will be applied to your skin. For any concerns, please consult your physician.